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Our Congregation 

Our Congregation is a dynamic and intentionally diverse group. We come from many different backgrounds, a rich array of life experiences, and embrace many spiritual beliefs and practices. We are not bound by a creed or dogma. Our community honors and celebrates our individual journeys toward a deeper understanding of the awe and wonder for life. Our Unitarian Universalist beliefs have expanded to the broader concept of a unity in diversity, which affirms the supreme worth of all persons.

We are an inclusive network of fellowship, friendship and support in time of need.

Spiritual action, for many of us, is acting upon our values through social action and community service.

Our activities and worship are open to all. Our desire to challenge our thinking, enrich our spiritual journey and expand our beliefs is reflected in the many programs that we provide or participate in throughout the year. We love dialog and exploration of ideas, questions, current events, and historical insights as we search for understanding.

We have fun together in a variety of activities including our choir, and the discussion group which meets Sundays before the service, the first Friday evening pot luck, and our Life Long Learning series of seminars.


For more information see our  2018 Congregational Booklet 


Beliefs:  Who we are.



We welcome and celebrate the presence and participation of persons of all races, nationalities, previous religious beliefs, and various sexual orientations. Our Congregation is inclusive and welcomes all persons who are interested in joining our community.

GREEN SANCTUARY  Accreditation 2004

The Green Sanctuary Program encourages individual actions to reduce our impact on this planet, but primarily it is a program of congregational action. It is about working together to strengthen our ability to create environmental change.


Our Congregation is a member of the Florida District of the National Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and the National UUA. 

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