Presidents Column

 Joan Thate 7-2017

                  Joan Thate

  PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE—   Why Do You Come to UU?

It’s the Asking-for-Money season again — no one’s favorite, I think I can say with a fair chance of accuracy.    But, like many institutions lucky enough to have the legacy of a building to meet in, and the means to hire good people to attend to the needs and the spiritual goals of those gathered there, it’s an inevitable time of each year.  It’s also a good time to clear your busy brain for a while and ask yourself to address the question in the title of this piece — why do you come to UU?   Take all the time you need to think about it.

When we’ve asked you that question in the past, your answers have included statements like the following:

  • I believe in the Seven Principles we UU’s have declared to be our guidelines.
  • I am required here to work on my own beliefs — to question, reevaluate, and refine them.
  • I need a time and place to connect to that which is spiritual, which is larger than myself.
  • I find good ways here to contribute to my hope for social justice and good people who share that hope and the desire to do something to bring it about.
  • I like to be among people who are always trying to grow, to be better people, not so they can go to heaven, but because it is the right thing to do.      
  • I can use my talents here.
  • I’m required to use my brain here, which is good for me.
  • I appreciate the acceptance of diversity here.
  • I enjoy some of the activities offered here.
  • I need the community offered here. 
  • I find caring people here.
  • I have friends I love here.
  • Frankly, there is no other “church” I could go to and be true to myself.

It’s not an exhaustive list, but most of the answers you’ve given us fit somewhere on it.  Which of them could you mentally check as you read them? 

With those responses in mind, ask yourself the money question that only you can answer — given the realities of your own life:   What are these worth to me?   Start there.  Then work on your pledge.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          --Joan Thate