Presidents Column

 Joan Thate 7-2017

                  Joan Thate


In Case You Have Nothing to Do

Now that our new pastor, Rev. Kathy, is settling in, our congregation has become an even busier place than ever.  So much happens here at UU that it’s practically mind boggling just to keep in touch with what it all is and how it all works.  Thanks goodness our office assistant, Cathy Jackson, keeps an accurate calendar!          (By the way, that calendar along with a wealth of other information, is on the home page of our web site,, so you can check it any time you need to. It’s also in this Jotter newsletter every month.)

Of course, the core events, those that bring most of us together at once, happen on Sunday.  Most of our 130 or so members attend our morning service.  Nearly every Sunday we welcome visitors from all over as well as local people wanting to check us out.  And Sunday at the Ormond Beach UU would be incomplete without the pre-service discussion group which has thrived under Phil Elliott’s leadership for nearly 50 years. 

The Board of Trustees and six of our standing committees hold regular monthly meetings.  To this we add meetings for many ad hoc committees and sub-committees. 

The Alliance meets for lunch once a month to help organize our outreach to local charitable organizations and plan and execute fund raisers for those and for our congregation.

Ann Matteson and Jim Hendra meet weekly to record and make our bank deposits.  Our treasurer, Amanda Attri, brings her daughter, Anya, with her every week as she pays our bills and reconciles our money accounts.

Kurtland Davies and his crew works on cleaning up our dune and keeping our grounds tidy every week. 

Our Choir practices nearly every week and the Hospitality Committee prepares for a pot luck dinner every month. 

Life Long Learning plans an educational experience twice a month, and sometimes more.   To this, we have added a large number of Soul Matters groups with monthly thematic studies.

And, if that’s not enough, we have a Mah Jongg group, a writing group, and a spiritual growth group, and a women’s group that meet regularly, sponsored by UU members, but welcoming all.

Finally, we have the rentals—yoga, three meditation groups, and Narcotics Anonymous, the latter holding three weekly meetings at our facility.

Believe it or not we’re still open to and hoping for new ideas. Bring them to the board if you have them.  And we always can use volunteers.   So, take a deep breath and dive in wherever you wish.  You will find here people who care.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         --Joan Thate