The Jotter (Newsletters)

The Unitarian Universalist newsletter, known as THE JOTTER, is published on a monthly basis. Editions from the past three years are listed below. Other editions are on file in the UUCOB office.  .

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 Carolyn West 2007

 Carolyn West, THE JOTTER Editor.  

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Dr. Betty Green

 Editor 1985 - 2012


Spirit of Excellence Award

Logo for 1986

The Jotter History and It's Editors

Betty Green

Betty became a member of UUSDBA in 1979. At that time the Jotter editors were Louise and Dick Mc Cue who had been journalists. They had lots of help from many of the members to fold, sort and mail the newsletter each month. Betty was one of these helpers.

As new formatting technology became available, the Mc Cues decided to retire as Editors of the Jotter. As President of the Board (1983and1984) and a consistent Jotter helper, Betty understood all aspects of publishing the Jotter. She also had the knowledge in computer publishing.

In 1985 she became the Jotter Editor. For a good many years Betty did all the work: compilation, editing, printing and mailing the copies to members and friends. For 3 years running the Jotter was recognized as the "Best Newsletter of Medium Sized Congregations" by the Florida UUA. This earned three plaques for Betty and also earned a special logo to display on the newsletter.

Betty, we thank you.

When Cathy Jackson became UUSDBA Office Administrator, she helped out by taking over the printing and distribution of the Jotter. With the cost of postage continuing to rise, the Board approved the sending out of the Jotter by email to the majority of the members. There are a few hard copies either mailed or available in the sanctuary each month.

Beginning in June 2005 the web team has been posting the Jotter on  the website: