UUCOB Marketplace Fundraising Event

GET READY!!      Our Fifth Annual  UUCOB MARKETPLACE  

 A Host of Fun and Interesting Possibilities in 2018 - 2019

Marketplace offerings accepted
October 21st - October 28th

Purchase of Marketplace items from
November 4th - November 18th

What can I donate? 

Suggestions for Services

Suggestions for 
Events and Meals

Service donation form

Event and meal donation form

Over the past four years, the Marketplace event has generated over $25,000 to support UUCOB’s general operating budget, and we are pleased to announce initial plans for the 2018-2019 event.

This year’s MARKETPLACE activities will kick-off on Sunday, October 21 and continue through Sunday, November 18. 

Donor Forms:  The Marketplace table will be open on Sunday, October 21 and October 28th for members to pick up Donor Forms for use in indicating the services, meals, parties, or events they wish to offer. The forms are also available on the UUCOB website.

The final day for submitting your Donor forms will be
Sunday,October 28.

Purchase Dates: The Marketplace’s Purchase tables will be open following services on Sunday, November 4, 11 and 18.

The final day for making purchases for your favorite services and/or events will be Sunday, November 18.

All notices and invoices will be submitted to those making purchases no later than Sunday, December 2 

While raising money is essential for maintaining our UU church building and staffing, fund raising can also be a good way to learn more about our members and join them in fun and interesting activities. 

For example, through the Marketplace, we’ve enjoyed getting to know each other better at

  • themed dinners,  
  • wine & cheese events,
  • special occasion parties, 
  • a cabaret evening. 
  • cooking classes,
  • photography,
  • sailing,
  • music and even
  • birding lessons.  

We’ve been able to get help from our fellow UU’s with such chores as

  • shopping,
  • cleaning,
  • driving,
  • power washing and
  • tax preparation assistance. 

Some lucky folks were able to purchase haircare and even relaxing massages as well as special out-of-town excursions. 

We're a creative and enthusiastic congregation, so let your imagination take you to new ideas to share with your fellow members! How about a "Paint Party" or a guided birding trek to one of our nearby National Wildlife Refuges? Who can forget Betty Green’s sumptuous bread-making class or the raucous “BBQ and Tall Tales” evening?

This year’s Marketplace Planning Committee consists of Susan and Preston Garrison, Betty Green, Patty and Dennis Alsobrook, and Julie and Tom Hilburn. 

For information, or to discuss a possible meal, event, or service idea, call us at (386) 265-1715, or e-mail us at SBGarrisonSBG@aol.com

--Preston & Susan Garrison