Denominational Affairs UUA General Assembly 2018

The Ware Lecture

“Brittany Packnett is a leader at the intersection of culture and justice. Cited by President Barack Obama as a leader who’s “voice is going to be making a difference for years to come,” Brittany is an unapologetic educator, organizer, writer, and speaker.”

Link - The Ware Lecture

Outreach & In-Reach Attracting, Integrating,  and Nourishing UUs

"You will experience crowd discussion noise at times 1:19 through 1:31 and 1:40 through 2:33.  Feel free to use the mouse cursor to  by-pass these time intervals." 

“A sea-change is happening in American religion, and spiritual needs have only grown more intense. 

Take home tools to attract new people, successfully integrate them into community, and nourish their faith for the long haul. 

You’ll integrate perspectives from the fields of growth, outreach, communications, and faith formation.”

Made, Not Born Cultivating Leaders  in Our Congregations

Waiting for leaders to “drop into our laps” is inefficient, frustrating, and ultimately unsuccessful.

To meet the call for effective leadership, we need to be proactive and innovative. We will share strategies for cultivating leaders and discuss the challenges and solutions in meeting this critical need. (Note: video ends early due to losing the stream during the program)”

Link – Made, Not Born Cultivating Leaders in Our Congregations

Why Truth Comes First In Truth and Reconciliation

“The Commission on Institutional Change was appointed before the last General Assembly and charged in part with conducting a “truth and reconciliation process.

Though we are always eager to get to the reconciliation, what have we learned about the truth? This will be an interactive session.”

Link - Why Truth Comes First In Truth and Reconciliation

Background - The Commission on Institutional Change – Commission’s Work –

“…Oversee an audit of racism within the Unitarian Universalist Association practices and policies to set priorities and make recommendations for anti-oppressive strategies (including hiring and personnel practices and governance structures) and that will advance our progress towards building the Beloved Community and hold the Association accountable.…”

See this link:

Called to the Intersections of Justice

“Ground yourself in Unitarian Universalist (UU) theology, history, and spiritual practices to build  the courage for intersectional justice work.

UU Environmental Justice leaders will share how to follow the lead of communities directly affected by environmental racism,  stay spiritually resilient in the face of oppression, and connect the dots between issues.”

Link - Called to the Intersections of Justice

Reimagining Sundays the Future of Faith Formation

“Families and congregations are confronting a changing landscape.  Sunday morning activities, limited time together, and new options and expectations for religious participation are altering the face of Sunday worship.

 Join two congregations and Death of Sunday School author Kim Sweeney for an exploration of what’s next for faith formation.”

Link – Reimagining Sundays the Future of Faith Formation

UU White Supremacy Teach In Transforming Our Faith

“In the spring of 2017, three religious educators of color led an unprecedented dialogue across

our denomination on how white supremacy was present, even in spaces considered progressive

and liberal. Hear from the originators of the Teach In movement and learn how to keep the momentum going.”

Link – UUWhiteSupremacyTeachIn Transforming Our Faith

June 19-23,  2019   Spokane, WA

General Assembly 2019 will take place at the Spokane Convention Center, 334 W Spokane Falls Blvd, Spokane, WA 99201.

 The annual national gathering of Unitarian Universalists “offers a wealth of theological diversity.” Check the UUA website for highlights, including the Ware Lecture and the Service of the Living Tradition, as well as the variety of informative programs and worship choices that will be available. Link to more information on UUA General Meeting 2019.