Sunday Religious Education

Classes :10:30 to 11:30

Teachers are in the classroom with students from 10:15 until noon.

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RE Kids, Sunday May 5, 2017

WELCOME, Meet our Religious Education Teachers Deb Hanson and Mary Virginia Wentzel. 


Debbie Hanson

Mary Wentzel 2009

Mary Wentzel

Sunday morning for children 

Childcare & Religious Education classes are offered during the service (teachers are in class from 10:15 to 12:00).

Class for all children begin with a chalice lighting and reading.  We then allow time for students to share their joys and concerns before proceeding with the lesson. 

Our Religious Education class is multi-age. Adaptations are made to meet the needs of all who participate.  Lessons include stories, songs, activities, and games adapted from UU curricula. 

Philosophy of Religious Education at UUCOB

We strive to stir the minds of our children to search for what quickens their spirit, and while overcoming prejudice,  strengthen their powers of thought and awaken their conscience to moral discernment.
Based on the thoughts of William Ellery Channing

We encourage new students to join us as we continue on our journey to more fully understand UU identity, world religions and our Jewish Christian heritage. At UUCOB we emphasize the importance of peace and social justice, and offer opportunities for service to others and for the essential care of our planet earth.

We are consistently impressed with the exceptional quality of the religious education program that Debbie and Mary are developing. Volunteers assist with activity based and age appropriate study.  Because the children who attend may be different from one Sunday to the next, materials can be begun and finished in one session. Debbie and Mary plan for an enriched learning environment that includes social action, environmentally sensitive projects, and intergenerational activities some of which include those delightful moments when they share our worship services for Story of All Ages.