During the year the Alliance arranges a Share - the - Plate Sunday for different local charities.  Half of the Sunday collection goes to the designated charity.

We choose charities that are small and local. We want to make a difference.

Often we ask the charity what they need and we buy the item or items they request. Examples:

  • We bought books for recovering alcoholic women.
  • We bought a doll house for children who were abused.  The doll house was to be used in play therapy for the very young children so they would express through play what happened to them.
  • We bought laundry detergent and blow-up air beds for a homeless shelter in Ormond.
  • We bought hundreds of pounds of dog and cat food for needy pet owners who needed help feeding their beloved pets.
  • We bought Christmas gifts for a needy family for the holiday season. 

If you have suggestions of other local charities to be considered please present them to the Alliance President.

Second Harvest

  Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida is a private, nonprofit organization that collects, stores, and distributes donated food to more than 500 partner agencies in six Central Florida counties: Brevard, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Volusia.    This organization’s mission is to fight hunger in Central Florida by providing access to food and other grocery products in order to meet the need, promoting and supporting the development of our partner agencies’ ability to fulfill their missions, mobilizing leaders and communities by bringing visibility to the invisible problem of hunger and poverty, and developing more holistic and county-specific solutions to hunger in Central Florida. 

To achieve these goals, Second Harvest collects and distributes food donated from a variety of sources such as grocery stores and restaurants, farmers, packers and shippers of fresh fruits and vegetables, and the USDA Commodity program at distribution sites in six Central Florida counties.   In Volusia County, food is distributed at the Second Harvest Food Bank at 320 North Street.  From the distribution centers, food  is passed on to programs such as soup kitchens, homeless shelters, shelters for battered women and children, afterschool programs, and a program which provides  needy children with weekend snack packs.  In Orange County, Second Harvest operates a culinary training program.   Because of economies of scale and its innovative and efficient programs, Second Harvest is able to turn every dollar which is donated into up to $9.00 worth of food.

For more information, including personal stories about the one in five Central Floridians who are now or will be facing hunger this year, see the Second Harvest website at        

Meals on Wheels

Meals-on-Wheels delivers hot food and big smilesOnce a day, Monday through Friday, a nutritious and tasty hot meal can ensure that many of our senior citizens are getting proper nutrition.  While the specially trained Meals-on-Wheels volunteers are delivering the hot lunches, they can also "check on" a family’s loved ones and bring them a friendly smile that brightens their day.

The Meals on Wheels program in Volusia County is an economical way to ensure that our elderly citizens are getting vital nutrition – every day. Serving over 260,000 meals annually, Volusia’s Council on Aging has pioneered home delivered meal services and continues to set the bar for quality and safety in Northeast Florida.  Not only must the program meet its own high standards, but also must adhere to strict governmental regulations. The program’s nutritionally balanced meal are always packed in specially designed, heated carriers and delivered in less than 40 minutes to ensure a safe 140º-160º temperature.

On Sunday, February 16th our UU congregation will “share the plate” for the fourth time with Meals on Wheels.   Please be generous in assisting our seniors to better nutrition and in helping them to stay in their homes.  All of our Share-the-Plate funds will stay in the Ormond Beach community for our seniors.                                                                                                                                       

Family Renew

As Unitarian Universalists, we are committed to fighting for social justice.  To help in that struggle, we have chosen Family Renew as our Share-the-Plate recipient for the March special offering.  Family Renew is a non-profit organization that gives families with children a second chance at living decent lives. Family Renew Community was created to provide temporary/transitional housing and support for families with children who were working toward their own economic stability. 

Today these services continue to help individuals break the cycle of poverty and transform their lives.  After 24 years of successfully serving that community, we currently operate 34 temporary/transitional housing efficiency units in Daytona Beach, Holly Hill and Deland.  We can help give that second chance by digging just a little deeper into our pockets on this special Sunday.  Your donation will help Family Renew to continue its quest to give homeless families with children a brighter future.  On March 16, please help us serve families with children by donating generously during the offering. 


Through this program, since 2006, our UU Congregation has been supporting the Family Renew Community by providing new shoes and socks to all school age children.   The shoe harvest is guided by a 22-year-old grass roots organization— Shoes-That Fit:       

In August of each year, the social workers at each facility measure the children’s feet and provide their names, ages, gender, and shoe sizes to the Alliance volunteers. Then a pair of shoes/socks for each child is purchased with your donation, wrapped and tagged, then delivered before the first day of school.  You can imagine that the children are thrilled, and to date we have provided over 600 pair of shoes.

Shoes-That-Fit accepts no government funding and 100% of community donations go directly to school children through an impressive network of volunteer-run local grassroots chapters.  Thus Shoes-That-Fit is uniquely efficient and effective in its life-changing operations — helping kids improve their self-esteem and fit in at school by eliminating one of poverty’s most visible and debilitating marks.    

Read a letter from a child  who received a gift.                                                                        

Fighting Against Injustice Toward Harmony

F.A.I.T.H. (Fighting Against Injustice Toward Harmony) is a coalition of religious organizations in Volusia County, including Christians, Jews, Muslims and Sikhs, that have joined together to change systems of injustice, rather than just treating the symptoms.  For example, instead of setting up soup kitchens to feed the homeless, F.A.I.T.H. has pressured the county and city governments to make structural changes designed to decrease the number of people who are homeless.                                                                                           

Currently, F.A.I.T.H. is promoting the Volusia Safe Harbor homeless shelter, which will include an integrated program of social services, intended to help homeless individuals cope with substance abuse, access medical treatment and vocational training, and find jobs and places to live.  This year, F.A.I.T.H. also initiated an effort to get local law enforcement agencies to issue civil citations to juveniles involved in first-time non-violent violations and misdemeanors, rather than arresting them.   

Our UU Congregation has participated actively in F.A.I.T.H. for many years, and dozens of our members attended the April 7th Action Assembly.  To further its advocacy, F.A.I.T.H. needs our money as well as our participation.  If you believe that people with different religious beliefs should band together to fight for justice, please give generously to our partner on May 18th —our Share-the-Plate Sunday.  

The Domestic Abuse Council

The Domestic Abuse Council began in 1976 to help women, men and children living in crisis and unsafe conditions.

The Council offers temporary emergency housing for victims of domestic violence and their children —24-hours per day — every day of the year. The Council provides emergency food, hygiene items, clothing, beds and bathing facilities. In addition, staff and volunteers offer an emotional support and a safe environment.

Individuals who have been physically abused, threatened with abuse, who are frightened to stay where they are and have no place else to go are eligible for emergency shelter services. To < access the shelter, victims may contact local crisis hotlines lines at 386-255-2102 or a statewide > hotline at 1-800-500-1119.

Our Alliance organization will also contribute to this charity. With the combined contributions, we will purchase much needed items on their wish list. Household items such as paper goods, laundry items, cleaning supplies and food staples will be just a few of the necessities they always need. Please be generous in your donation for those who need our support. Thank you.

Halifax Urban Ministries (HUM)

When you pick up your name tag at the table by our front door, behind it you may see the blue tubs placed there for collecting non-perishable food items such as canned tuna, beef stew, beans or peanut butter.  You may have also noted the announcements our UU weekly bulletin about our on-going food collection for Halifax Urban Ministries.  Hopefully, you’ve been inspired to join others in adding some of the suggested items into the tub. 

However—when the plate is passed on July 21st—please be even more generous in your support for one of our long-time partners, Halifax Urban Ministries.   Volusia and Flagler counties have some 20,000 families in need, and HUM has provided services in our community for over 30 years. These services include temporary housing, food, counseling and emergency assistance as well as support programs. 

Some of these prgrams include the Star Center Family Shelter and the Bridge of Hope daily lunch schedule, as well as the Feed a Family program.  In addition to these services, HUM offers assistance in securing employment (Internet/telephone access, bus passes, haircuts, showers, laundry and even bicycles).  Also HUM can aid needy individuals with medical and prescription assistance as well as other forms of financial help such as with rent and utilities.   HUM volunteers can help clients to obtain documents that can lead to jobs or other types of assistance, such as obtaining copies of birth certificates and Social Security/identification cards.  

Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run exists to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident.  They do this in the Volusia schools using a curriculum creatively integrating running.  By participating, young girls in grades 3-5 learn to embrace who they are, define what they want to be, rise to any challenge and change the world.  Girls on the Run has a vision of contributing towards creating a world where every girl knows and exercises her limitless potential and is free to pursue her dreams.  This non-profit has been offering this local after-school program since 2005. 

This is the church’s first year supporting this worthwhile organization.  Church contributions will be used to provide running shoes and snacks for girls participating in the program in low-income neighborhoods.  These girls would not otherwise have adequate shoes to participate in this essential part of the program.  Additional opportunities for our church to contribute are available by attending school meetings and cheering the girls on during the semi-annual 5k run.  We have the chance to make a difference for local girls so that they can make a difference in the world. 

Great Kids Explorer Program

In partnership with local schools, Great Kids volunteers provide 10,000 hours of tutoring each year to  at-risk children, ages 5-12, free of charge. They also provide group activities that enhance character and an array of life-enriching social skills so desperately needed to avoid the pitfalls growing up in today's challenging world.   

Recent local statistics indicate nearly one third of Volusia County children fail to meet the standard in reading and math. Great Kids was able to help 90% of the children referred to their program achieve higher grades and be promoted in 2011-2012. And the administrative cost hovers around an impressive 5%.Thanks to donors, these children experience much needed positive behavioral changes, and improved social and life skills as well. 

The five program sites include two tutoring centers, one in our own front yard at 100 E Granada Blvd. suite 220. In these financially fragile times, Great Kids is a very precious resource well worth supporting. Its founder and Executive Director , Sandy Rakes, is herself a role model not only for the children but for anyone with a passion to make an altruistic dream a reality.  Check out Great Kids  by calling 386 676-0276, by e-mail at , or write them at PO Box 2615, Ormond Beach, Florida, 32175-2615. 

On behalf of our children, thank you very much.                                                                                                                            

Sophie's Circle

Sophie's Circle is an organization that helps pets stay with their owners.  Sophie's Circle was founded by Kathy Blackman in 2008 after she adopted a real Siberian husky named Sophie.  Kathy literally saved Sophie’s life, since she was to be “put down” the next day.  Sophie’s Circle is dedicated to an ongoing effort to keep pets in their homes where they belong, even though their families may be experiencing financial hardship.

 Thus Sophie’s Circle operates two food pantries for pets, offering free pet food to those in need.  In addition to helping to provide pet food and other necessities, the organization also works to educate the public about spay/neuter programs, which help prevent pets from becoming homeless and abandoned.   Please be generous with your contribution as we share our offering with Sophie’s Circle.

As our congregation prepares for this special sharing of our collection plate, we also hope that you will donate pet food to the Sophie’s Circle effort.  Bring your items  on October 20.

Christmas Giving Project

Each year we have looked for a deserving family or group to provide a Christmas for.  Our first year we chose a boy who had been in a severe car accident.  His family was totally involved with his therapy and hospitalization. They needed help with rent and electricity. We gave the family Christmas gifts, provided food for a holiday feast, and paid their rent and electricity for a few months.

We adopted two group homes of foster teenagers for two consecutive years. We asked each teen to make a Christmas Wish list and we provided sixteen teenagers generous Christmas presents.  

Last Christmas we adopted a mother and son who just graduated from Family Renew, a homeless shelter for families with children. We provided food for Christmas, Christmas presents for both Mom and son, and gave gift certificates for gas, phone, grocery stores, and a restaurant.

We will be looking for a new deserving family or group for the upcoming Christmas season.

Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) is the only national nonprofit dedicated to building a network of sustainable free primary health care clinics for the uninsured in local communities.   

 Our Mission

To promote and guide the development of a national network of free clinics emphasizing the use of retired medical and community volunteers within a culture of caring to improve access to health care for America’s underserved, particularly the uninsured.

A  VIM Clinic opened in Daytona Beach the summer of 2015