F.A.I.T.H. February and March programs and activities


F.A.I.T.H. acts     Affordable Housing request from County Council 

Ahead of the August 18th Primary Election and November 3rd General Election, F.A.I.T.H.’s Housing Committee asked each candidate running for County Council to state their position on the creation and financing of a Workforce Housing Trust Fund in Volusia County.

Interested in seeing the results of the questionnaire? click on this weblink                              


July Drive-In Rally Success and more July Plans


The June 2020 FAITH Celebration Agenda  or Click here to watch the entire celebration on youtube.  

Juvenile Justice & Civil Citations - Letter to Sheriff Chitwood   Letter on the latest update on the implementation of Civil Citations. 

If you go to the FAITH website, you'll find a link named "DJJ."  The link will take you to a form letter you can send to Sheriff Chitwood and others about the mishandling of civil citations by the Department of Juvenile Justice.

Next Wednesday, June 24th, is our Drive-In Rally for Affordable Housing! FAITH is calling on all who are able to join us on June 24th at 6pm at the Daytona Beach Drive In Christian Church (3140 S Atlantic Ave, Daytona Beach, FL 32118). Everyone will remain in the vehicles for the duration of the rally. You will be able to see the speakers on stage and hear them through your car radio.   
Everyone is encouraged to make signs and decorate your car in support of our message; our county council needs to create an affordable housing trust fund!

The 2018 F.A.I.T.H. Action Assembly was held on  April 30th, 2018 at the Peabody Auditorium, located at 600 Auditorium Blvd, Daytona Beach, FL 32118. The Action Assembly was well attended.  .

F.A.I.T.H.  Moves Mountains

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Some of  FAITH's Successful Endeavors

Each year FAITH identifies 3-4 issues to focus on and suggests holding "House Meetings" to identify what those 3-4 issues are.  





F.A.I.T.H.   Fighting Against Injustice Toward Harmony,

a community- wide group populated by members of 34 congregations in Volusia County, that focuses on identifying systemic social problems, determining potential means for changing the system to solve them, and obtaining commitments from responsible public sources to bring about the necessary change.

F.A.I.T.H. website

You are invited to become a member of the Justice Ministry Network.  


FAITH Action Assembly

Fighting Against Injustice Towards Harmony (FAITH)

The Way FAITH Works

 FAITH runs on an annual cycle with four large group meetings each year:

  1. The Community Problems Assembly- members of all F.A.I.T.H. congregations gather to select Problem Area to be pursued this year
  2. The Rally- A large assembly to inform everyone of the issue cut and to prepare for the Action Assembly
  3. The Action Assembly- all Congregations are asked to have a number of their members equal to an average worship attendance to attend this meeting.  Friends and all other members of their community are also invited.  The purpose of this gathering is to get commitment from public officials, elected or appointed, who have the power to change or affect public policy that affects social justice issues. All public officials are asked to answer yes or no when presented with a specific request related to public policy. Regardless of whether they answer yes or no, each public official is invited to address the Action Assembly for up to two minutes to explain their decision.
  4. The Celebration- Members of every FAITH congregation gather to celebrate commitments from public officials we have won. In addition, the annual fund drive is launched.

The annual cycle of determining which social justice issue in Volusia County to pursue begins with members of each congregation gathering in “house meetings,” i.e. small groups. In House Meetings, members of a congregation describe and discuss instances in which they or someone they know, has encountered social injustice.  This allows members to become aware of what social justice issues are affecting congregation members and/or the larger community.

After discussing what issues are most affecting them and/or the larger community, members are asked to consider six categories of social injustice and determine which category they would most like FAITH to address. Categories that have been considered in the past include:

  1. Crime and drugs
  2. Health 
  3. Education
  4. Housing; 
  5. Jobs
  6. Mental health 

The results of these meetings are reported to FAITH and are part of the input to the Annual Community Problems Assembly.

At the Community Problems Assembly members of all FAITH congregations gather to consider which category is most closely related to the problem areas identified in the “house meetings.” Members of FAITH congregations are then asked to vote on one of the categories. In 2013 the category selected was crime and drugs.  A research committee is then formed of interested volunteers.

The research committee identifies people from Volusia County who are knowledgeable about the problem or area of concern and have the power to change relevant policies, practices, or procedures (decision makers). For this year’s Crime and Drugs issue, the decision makers included judges, the Sheriff, the State Attorney, the Chiefs of Police of several cities, city and county council members, Department of Juvenile Justice officials, and the County Superintendent of Schools. The schools were included since their code of conducts affects how and when juveniles are referred to law enforcement.

The research committee meets with all the officials responsible for an issue and all the stakeholders, e.g. the PTA, in order to gather all possibly relevant information. Ideally, the research will point to a particular aspect of that year’s issue, e.g. Crime and Drugs in 2013-2014 that promises to have a significant effect on the the issue and is achievable, e.g. increase diversion programs for youth who do not require arrest. During this process the committee identifies public officials and stakeholders who are knowledgeable about the problem and can implement or help implement the changes required . These officials and stakeholders are asked about the problems from their point of view and obstacles to solving these problems. Furthermore, they are asked for their suggestions on how best to solve the problem and for the names of other knowledgeable officials and/or stakeholders who might be helpful. Usually, several face-to-face meeting of this type with each official are required.

The next large group meeting is The Rally. After the research team has conducted several months of meeting, review, and discussion, the research team and other FAITH leaders present the results of their research and reports at the Rally.  At the Rally leaders and members from every FAITH congregation learn how we have decided to address the issue at the upcoming Action Assembly. Usually The Rally takes place just a few weeks before the Action Assembly.

The biggest meeting of the year is the Action Assembly. Every member congregation is asked to have as many of their members attend as attend their average worship service. It is at this assembly that each of the attending public officials is asked to state before the Assembly whether or not they support the changes requested by FAITH.

Usually, all or most of the public officials have themselves suggested and/or contributed to the particular solution being requested by FAITH. Also, well before the Action Assembly each of the public officials will have received printed copies of the questions they will be asked at the Assembly.

The final meeting of the year is the Celebration. Members of all FAITH congregations are asked to attend in order to celebrate the commitments we have won. The fund drive for the next year is also launched at this meeting.


 Some of FAITH's Successful Endeavors

  New Mental Health Service at Jail

 Faith Wins Justice

 Faith saves Lives