Music Program

Music is an integral and CELEBRATED part of each Sunday service at UUCOB.
We want music to play an important part in our religious experience.


 Dan Kerr
   Choir Director
Over 50 years of experience with choral groups, theater and opera enables Dan to bring a rich  and diverse reservoir of choral music to our services, more 


Janet Stroumpis
Church Pianist and Choir Accompanist 
Piano at 6 years, she has also played the organ and explored the trombone, bassoon and violin, more 


Dan Kerr with UUCOB Choir

Learn more about the choir and listen to their performances here

Our pianist Janet Stroumpis confers with Rev. Roshaven.

They work together to tailor music to the topic of the sermon and the service as a whole.

Our music program includes many of our talented members and friend. Here is a sample of these guest musicians.

One thing is for sure:  you will always find a message in the music that fits with the sermon and the theme of the service, and underscores our Unitarian principles 


         Evan Rivers plays guitar solo during Sunday morning offering. 

       I wanted to play drums as a child and my mother gave me a guitar.   


                                  Martha Sanders Brandt, Volunteer Pianist
Martha describes an aspect of her journey in learning about life, listening to and being a partner with the music and sharing this with UUs on Sundays  more 


Jon Sandburg
The violin is only one of his musical instruments more

Fekix Fernandez.JPG

Felix Fernandez, Viola

Bielick, Brian.JPG

Brian Bielick, guitar