The choir augments the music sung by the congregation.  Harmonizing on hymns, singing rounds with the UU members, and performing choral responses with members at the beginning of the service and the chalice lighting are but several examples of how the choir has expanded its role in the celebration of the service.  

Our choir has spent the last three years building an extensive repertory of music to include folk, Broadway, gospel, traditional, African, and contemporary songs. One of their biggest accomplishments has been their development in learning choral techniques and vocal production while learning to sing four-part harmony. 

In just the last year the choir learned new choral anthems for the majority of the Sunday services in which they performed.  Since coming together under new direction by Choir Director, Dan Kerr in March of 2012, they have added 27 new anthems to their body of choral music. And they are not done yet. 

The choir plans to learn on an average of eight to ten new anthems each year for the next three to four years. We hope to develop a body of choral music that will match the important message of the Sunday service.  Each Sunday in which the choir is participating will be a service in which the anthem sung by the choir will match the theme of the sermon presented at the pulpit.


Choir Members and schedule:  The choir always welcomes new singers. No audition is required; however, a choir singer should have a love of singing, a love of learning, and a cooperative spirit.

From December through June, the choir rehearses every Wednesday evening from 7:00-8:30 in the sanctuary. There is rehearsal at 9:45 prior to the service on the Sunday’s the choir sings.  


A note from the choir:  While Dan Kerr has been away for several months, individual volunteers and small groups from the choir have offered music on an occasional basis.  Choir members Bruce Nelson, Tim Wixted and Evan Rivers joined with Dan Gribbin and Rev. Roshaven to offer a special musical service in honor of Pete Seeger.  Other individuals have performed solos during our Sunday services, and a recent Sunday featured the choir reprising the anthem “Amani Utupe.”  We work with the Worship Committee and the minister to offer occasional pieces, and when Dan Kerr returns in December, we will gladly begin our more regular practices and participation in services.


Listen to the choir rehearsal of Amani Utupe


       snippet of Church of the Earth performed by the UUSDBA Choir
       with Evan Rivers, Guitar and led by Dan Kerr

Church of the Earth - entire performance 
recorded by the Sound Team