OUR MISSION is to encourage and facilitate consideration of ethics, philosophies, and religions and the development of our individual values and beliefs; to provide opportunities for fellowship and mutual support; to establish and maintain a vigorous Unitarian Universalist presence in our local community; and to expand our membership.

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Services begin at 10:30 a.m. Sundays.
Childcare and Religious Education from 10:15 to 11:45.
Coffee & Conversation - 11:30 to 12

The building is wheel chair accessible.

2017-18 UUCOB MARKETPLACE ITEMS STILL AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE ON SUNDAY!; Our first day for purchases through UUCOB's 2017-18 MARKETPLACE was a great success! Many thanks to all of our members who generously chose the meals, events, and services items they wished to purchase and participate in.

Sunday, November 19, will be the final day for making purchases through this year's Marketplace fund-raising activity. Attached is a list  of items still available for purchase, the sponsor for each item, the cost per item/person, and the number of slots still available.  We are most grateful for all the generous donations for this year's Marketplace. Don't miss out on these great meals, events, and services. For questions, contact Preston and Susan Garrison, (386) 265-1715 or at SBGarrisonSBG@aol.com. See you Sunday at the Marketplace purchase tables!!

THANKSGIVING DINNER  November 23, 2017 Thanksgiving Day is only TWO weeks away! 
You say you don't have family plans?  I'll bet you would enjoy a great Thanksgiving dinner with friends!   Jeanne Young is coordinating the afternoon holiday dinner. Sign up at the back of the church by Sunday, November 12th.

Gödel - Philosophy, Logic, and Mathematics - Life Long Learning Program  December 13th, 4 - 5:30 at Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Ormond Beach,  56 N. Halifax Dr. Ormond Beach, Fl. 32174

This program will discuss aspects of philosophy, logic, and mathematics, concentrating on the relationship between the philosophical concept of “truth” and its use in logic and mathematics.  There will be discussion of the remarkable life of the mathematician Kurt Gödel, and how he shattered the conventional view of establishing truth in a mathematical system.
Tom Hilburn, a Professor Emeritus of Software Engineering and a Distinguished Engineering Professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University will lead the discussion more


 Prior to the 10:30 am service, the Discussion Group meets at 9:15 a.m.  

After the service join us for "Coffee, Cookies and Conversation"

       SUNDAY SERVICES                                                

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 November 12, 2017

9:15 a.m. Discussion Group Topic:  "The Big Picture of Existence"
10:30 Service:—Rev. Kathy Tew Rickey —Rev. Kathy Tew Rickey, “In Service to Our Country”      There exists in our country today much tension between patriotism, militarism, and the freedom to critique those isms. Let us examine those tensions while honoring those who have served us with their military service.   Audio of Sermon
Service Leader: Linda Kalaydjian
Noon: 2nd Sunday Conversation with Rev. Kathy Rickey
Alliance will have Soup Lunch after service $5

 November 19, 2017

9:15 a.m. Discussion Group Topic:   "Are we losing our Democracy?".
10:30 Service:— Mark Jones, “Foster Care: A Child’s Perspective”.            Mark Jones has had a 27-year career in child welfare services.  Since 2010, he has served as the Chief Executive Officer for Community Partnership for Children.  In his role as CEO, he leads a staff of approximately 200 professionals in achieving permanency and safety for abused and neglected children.
SHARE THE PLATE— Volunteers in Medicine|
Service Leader: Denise Carter

 November 26.2017 
9:15 a.m. Discussion Group Topic:  |
10:30 Service:—Rev. Kathy Tew Rickey, “When Abundance Means Having Enough”       How much to we need in this life to be well and happy? How much do we deserve? How much will this earth yield? When does abundance mean too much? When does it mean having enough?
Service Leader:Bill Ternent



Audio of Past services

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